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Peri Bigogno

Cantina Peri Bigogno born in 1946 on the moraine hills of Castenedolo, a small town near Garda Lake. Andrea, third generation, is focusing to refine their sparking wine Talento (refermentation in the bottle, the method called in France "Method Champenoise") and celebrate a local grape (Marzemino) in its red and rose versions.


80,000 bottles


Talento, Talento Rosé, Merlot, Chardonnay, Marzemino, Cabernet Sauvignon

Peri Bigogno wines

The family behind the winery

Graziella and Adriano Peri bought the palace, with the historical cellar and vineyards, in 1946.

Their son Mario, alongside his wife Maria, started feeling a strong passion for managing the winery and in 1972 decided to bottling the best selection of their wines, creating some labels that are still produced now by the Peri family.

From 2008 the 3d generation, Andrea and his wife Francesca.

Peri Bigogno

Talento - The excellence of sparkling

It was in 1980 when the charming project of producing a sparkling wine with refermentation in the bottle, according to what could then still be called "Method Champenoise", involved and excited Peri’s family.

The word "Talento" since 2004 is in fact exclusively reserved to Italian sparkling wines obtained by the Classic Method of bottle refermentation and this happens only with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes, which are considered the most valuable ones to obtain quality sparkling.

Peri Bigogno

A jewel under a 1700's Palace

The Palace was built in the first years of the 18th Century.
The most amazing part of the Palace was the entrance to the old cellar a huge stairs with marble steps went down directly starting from the main door.

Seeing now the old stairs seemed that all the Palace was built to enhance the cellar and the whole wine production.

Peri Bigogno
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