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How it works

The Italian Vino

The Italian Vino is a marketplace dedicated to Italian wines. Our aim is to connect wine enthusiasts directly with vineyards, to discover wines that can’t be found anywhere else in the EU, without paying a premium.

Enthusiasts are taken on a journey around Italian vineyards where they can meet the owners, read about the vineyards and buy their chosen wines directly from producers, without the ‘big-chain middle-man’.

We connect enthusiasts directly with Italian vineyards, cutting out the middle man. That’s how we keep the cost low. Excellent quality wines at affordable prices. That’s our promise.

How we select our producers

All our chosen wine producers have been researched and personally selected by us. They are small and medium size family-run businesses, where the only mission is to create affordable quality wines. We like to work with family-ran businesses who add their personal touch to their products; small-runs, attention to detail and uniqueness all play an important role in the production at the vineyards.

We offer a great selection from various Italian wine-producing regions that will continue to expand as we personally select more family-run vineyards. Each vineyard has a unique history, production style and use different grapes. While journeying around the site you will find firm-favourites like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, alongside some of the hundred best Italian native grapes, such as Aglianico, Groppello and Vermentino.

About Us

Founded by Matteo and Cecilia The Italian Vino has been a life-long project. We have spent a lot of time travelling between Brighton and Italy, looking for family-run and independent vineyards, places with a story and of course top-quality products.

Contact us

For any enquiries please send an email to [email protected] or a text to +44 7881221756

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