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Tenuta Travaglino

Travaglino works with delicacy in the cellar to carefully preserve the distinctive characteristics of its grapes. Hand harvesting, low yields, soft pressing and vinification where every stage is designed to preserve the special identity of the fruit obtained in the vineyard.


100,000 bottles


Pinot Nero, Pinot Grigio, Bonarda Sparkling, Gran Cuvee Blan de Noir Brut, Riesling, Pinot Nero Riserva

Tenuta Travaglino wines

Oltrepò Pavese

With 400 hectares on a single tract of land, including 80 hectares planted with vines, 12 farmsteads, an historic village and an inn, Travaglino is a world of emotions, where vines, men and landscape reveal the complexity and beauty of an area rich in history, traditions, flavours … and an extraordinary propensity for winegrowing.

Tenuta Travaglino

Sustainable Agriculture

Travaglino adopts the principles of rational, sustainable agriculture, reducing the number of treatments to the indispensable minimum and practicing integrated pest control. This sensitive approach respects not only nature, but also the people who still live and work on the Estate.

Tenuta Travaglino
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