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Elisabetta Abrami

Thanks to twenty years of experience gained in the manufacturing industry, Elisabetta brings with her the deep conviction towards excellence, reachable only through complete control of the production chain, starting from directly managing the 17 hectares of property.

awards Elisabetta Abrami

50,000 bottles


Franciacorat Saten DOCG, Franciacora Brut DOCG, Franciacorta Rosé DOCG, Franciacorta Millesimato DOCG, Etna DOC

Elisabetta Abrami wines

Franciacorta unique taste

The unique characteristics of Franciacorta wine are achieved through the all-important meticulous and accurate selection of the land and of the grape variety. Great importance is placed on the grape pressing phase: only the best must, obtained from the soft and gentle first press, is used in the production of Elisabetta Abrami wine.

Elisabetta Abrami

Pinot Noir

It is often called “l’enfant terrible”, being a rebel grape variety that, tamed, makes the difference in Franciacorta. Pinot Noir is the soul and body of all Franciacorta wines, for a minimum of 30% of their composition (the remainder is Chardonnay), excluding Satèn, up to its vinification in purity in our Extra-Brut Blanc de Noir Millesimato.

Elisabetta Abrami
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