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The two young Bresolin brothers, driven by love for the earth, decided to join forces to continue the family tradition; with the impulse to develop a traditional agricultural activity, renewing and expanding crops, directing them to organic production. A choice that aims at the utmost respect for the preservation of the ecosystem, to protect the peculiarities of the different terroirs (soil, altitude, exposure) to produce oil and natural wines, rich in personality.

awards Bresolin

40,000 bottles


Prosecco Asolo DOCG, Merlot, Cabernet

Bresolin wines

The natural choice

Wine and olive oil are a language and always they have a story to tell. Bresolin BIO products have roots in rich and fertile land, vineyards close to woods populated with roe deer, wild boar and wild birds. Not being able to disregard absolute respect for these places, here, it seemed truly inevitable. And therefore the choice of organic was inevitable.


Asolo, the pearl of the Veneto

Bresolin BIO is located on the slopes of the Asolo hills, between the ancient and charming village of Asolo, and Maser, where olive trees, cherry trees and vineyards are an integral part of the landscape heritage. Minerals and good climate for great wines.

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