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Sparkling white on Yeast (traditional Prosecco)

Sparkling wine from Veneto

Alcohol: 10,50%
Grape: Glera
Production: 2,500 bottles
awards Sparkling white on Yeast (traditional Prosecco)


Because of the presence of the yeasts inside the bottle, the fragrances are in constant evolution.

In the first months the scents are fresh and fruity and then they evolve to complex mineral scents with a taste of ripe fruit.

We suggest to try one bottle now and keep another one in the cellar to see the evolution in 2/3/5 years.

This is a wine that makes you remember the traditions of the past times. The refermentation in bottle is the very first method of production of sparkling wines and it has been adopted for decades most of all in Veneto region.

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The flavour follows the same phenomenon: at first it is more fresh and than it softens over the months.

We suggest you to turn the bottle upside down before opening it to mix the yeasts again and muddy the wine. This to get scents and flavours more bright and aromatic. The choice is yours.

Tasting note


Aging Potential: Fresh or keep in the cellar for few years to let the yeast work and evolve the product

Aging: Yeast in the bottle

Alcohol: 10,50%

Appellation: -

Bottle size: 0.75

Grape: Glera

Harvest: 2019

Pairing: Starter, aperitif, fish, cured meat

Production: 2,500 bottles

Region: Veneto

Serve: 4/6°C

Type of wine: Sparkling


Two brothers, Enrico and Matteo, driven by the love for the vineyard. The hills of Asolo and its terroir give to their wines and Prosecco an unique personality. Organic agriculture and preservation of the ecosystem are key points for Bresolin BIO philosophy. Small production (<40,000 p/year) for top-quality wines.

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The natural choice

Wine and olive oil are a language and always they have a story to tell. Bresolin BIO products have roots in rich and fertile land, vineyards close to woods populated with roe deer, wild boar and wild birds. Not being able to disregard absolute respect for these places, here, it seemed truly inevitable. And therefore the choice of organic was inevitable.

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