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Bc d’alessano Puglia IGP

White wine from Apulia

Alcohol: 10,00%
Grape: Bianco di Alessano
Production: 3,000 bottles

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This is a native grape, really rare. But Petracavallo loves their area and loves bringing on a table the authentic taste of Apulia. They love to say this wine is the Apulia gold, for it’s really strong yellow colour and body. Interesting wine that is difficult to explain in few words.

A good and fun contrast between sweet sensation on the nose and a sapid and dynamic taste.

Tasting note


Aging Potential: 2 years

Aging: 6 months stainless steel, 4 months bottles

Alcohol: 10,00%

Appellation: IGT

Bottle size: 0.75

Grape: Bianco di Alessano

Harvest: 2019

Pairing: Risotto, fish, salami and cheese

Production: 3,000 bottles

Region: Apulia

Serve: 10-12° C.

Type of wine: White


Petracavallo wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards using traditional methods, not treated with pesticides, undergoing spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeasts of other grapes, a low quantity of sulphur dioxide and without enzymes or additives.

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Vito and his dad

Vito is a young winemaker, great lovers of his land and with one important mission: produce a great natural and bio craft wine.
His dad, Peppino, is a winemaker and farmer with lots of experience. Thanks to his help the business can make every year a better product.

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