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Tenute Motolese

The agricultural history of the Motolese family has its roots in the 19th century, even earlier than 1850, and since then, through 8 generations, the passion for cultivation of grapes and olives has been passed along as the business of every day’s work.


50,000 bottles


Primitivo Salento IGP, Fiano Puglia IGP, Rosato Negroamaro salento IGP

Tenute Motolese wines

Masserie - the farms

Tenute Motolese is currently made up of three fortified “Masserie”, or farms, with over 200 hectares (approx. 500 acres) of land in the heart of the Puglia region. The properties of Masseria Angiulli Grande and Masseria Rosario are located in the Salento district while Masseria la Cattiva is located in the hilly Murgia Barese district.

Tenute Motolese

Primitivo - the grape

The calcareous and mineral soil of Salento creates the best conditions for Primitivo grapes.

Tenute Motolese
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