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Le Falene

Le Falene project was born in 2016, with the purchase of the first vineyard plot but, actually, it dates back to a few years earlier, when Vincenza Folgheretti, a young Sicilian consultant winemaker transplanted by choice in Tuscany, meets Massimo Casagrande, technical manager for one of the most important wine estates in Maremma.


8,000 bottles


Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Rosso Tuscany, Biano Tuscany

Le Falene wines

Passion for a product

The wine, alive and changeable in time, for the nature and for everything that contributes to create that product, with the colorful and bright Tuscan coast as a stage for the challenge of two people that, after putting their knowledge and experience at the service of other important producers, put themselves on the line to make their life’s dream come true.

Le Falene

From 2016

Immediatly was born the idea of building something togheter drived from the passion for their job, something that reflects the common idea of a big personality wine, a wine capable to leave a footprint in the mind of people who taste it, starting from small vineyard plots half abandoned or destinated to become, conducted with a organic approach, to find along the Tuscan Coast, area where they lives and that they considered ideal to create what’s in their minds.

Le Falene
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