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Fattoria Zerbina

The history of Zerbina as a wine-producing estate began in 1966 with Vincenzo Geminiani. Today Cristina Geminiani, the granddaughter of Vincenzo, is in charge of operations and focus her attention on the two most important grapes of the area: Sangiovese and Albana.


150,000 bottles


Ravenna Rosso IGT, Romagna Passito DOCG, Ravenna Rosato IGP, Romagna Albana DOCG, Romagna Sangiovese DOC, Romagna Trebbiano DOC

Fattoria Zerbina wines

Zerbina Cellar

Since the 2003 vintage, after a series of tests begun in the 1990’s, we have re-introduced, for certain lots of red wines, a fermentation in the barrels themselves, with a manual punching down of the cap and no control of the temperature. And this, even more than in the past, to give the final word to the grapes, and to the soil and site in which they grow and ripen.

Fattoria Zerbina


Sangiovese has always been the principal variety cultivated at the estate, and today as well accounts for 80% of the vineyard surface planted to red grapes. And this particularly for the grapes to be used for Pietramora, which has always been the top Sangiovese of the estate.

Fattoria Zerbina
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