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Franciacorta DOCG

The DOC Franciacorta is dated 1967, one of the first DOC born in Italy to also contemplate the sparkling wine type, became DOCG in 1995.
Based on the added sugar during the dégorgement (or “sboccatura” in italian) we have:

  • Pas dosé (‘Non-dosed’, with sugar up to 3 g/l from the natural residue in the wine) – the driest in the Franciacorta range;

  • Extra Brut (sugar up to 6 g/l) – very dry;

  • Brut (sugar less than 12 g/l) – dry but a little softer than Extra Brut, it’s certainly the most versatile type of Franciacorta;

  • Extra Dry (sugar 12-17 g/l) – soft, with a slightly higher dosage than the classic Brut, making it a suitable pairing for a wide variety of foods;



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