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Tenimenti Grieco

A great vineyard in Molise, 150 metres above the Adriatic Sea overlooking the Tremiti Islands. It's a dynamic, innovative winery that takes full advantage of the terroir’s outstanding potential for top-quality wine production.


100,000 bottles


Tintilia del Molise DOC, Falanghina Molise DOC, Aglianico IGT, Monterosso Molise DOC

Tenimenti Grieco wines

Quality with solid roots

Tenimenti Grieco is a perfect example of commitment and passion for viticulture. In every single one of their vineyards, they have carefully investigated soil characteristics, exposure and microclimate to find the most suitable varieties, rootstocks and clones.

Tenimenti Grieco

Wines suspended between sky and sea

Located on gentle alluvial slopes, the vineyards enjoy excellent ventilation from every direction, with hot sunny days followed by cool nights. Eighty-fi ve generous hectares devoted to quality wine-making.

Tenimenti Grieco
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