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Scolari & Bottenago

Two wineries from the same great area, Lake Garda. Scolari has a story of winemaking that goes back till 1929. Bottenago is a new and fresh reality that wants to mix tradition and innovation always looking for the best quality.


200,000 bottles


Lugana DOC, Garda DOC, Groppello, Chiaretto, Riviere del Garda Rosso DOC

Scolari & Bottenago wines

Cantina Scolari

Cantine Scolari have been a reference of quality and respect for tradition in the winemaking world of Valtenesi, Lombardy side of Lake Garda, since 1929. Over the years, lots of awards not only for the quality of our wines but also for diversifying their product range.

Today they have a perfect mix of tradition and innovation

Scolari & Bottenago


Bottenago born recently, but with an important mission: respect for the environment making top-quality organic wines.
Located between the hills of Valtenesi always renowned for producing red, white and rosé wines of first quality from red wine “Groppello” DOC to rosé Riviera del Garda Classic “Chiaretto”.

From a couple of years their new 2 products: Traditional Method Brut and Rose.

Scolari & Bottenago
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