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La Ricolla

Daniele, founder of La Ricolla, truly loves his land and that's why he decided to adopt the principles of biodynamics. All the passion goes into his wines, unique wines that have a recognizable identity and personality.

awards La Ricolla

20,000 bottles


Vermentino, Bianchetta Genovese, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese

La Ricolla wines

The vineyards

6 vineyards for a total of 5 hectares, in Tigullio (Genova) between La Ricolla company tells a story that has its roots in distant times. Passion and respect are the main values, from the work in the vineyard to the cellar, reducing to the minimum the man intervention.

La Ricolla

Daniele Parma

"The skins are my yeasts

Time My Clarifying

The Lees My Sulphites

Terracotta is my Wood

The Vineyard my wine cellar"

La Ricolla

The wine cellar

The manual harvest allows Daniele to indulge a whole natural winemaking cycle, with important macerations, natural clarifications - without adding sulfites - long aging in steel and amphora allows to obtain intense and long-lived wines in oxidation.

La Ricolla
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