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Botticino DOC Gobbio 2017

Red wine from Lombardy

Alcohol: 13,50%
Grape: 35% Barbera, 35% Sangiovese, 20% Marzemino, 10% Schiava Gentile
Production: 5,000 bottles
awards Botticino DOC Gobbio 2017


Gobbio is the name of a hill in the centre of the Botticino amphitheatre of hills, about 400 metres above sea level. Unlike on the other hills, the famous “Botticino Classico” marble is not quarried here, since the stone crumbles making it unusable. The distinctive, unique terrain is rich in marl (limestone and clay), calcium carbonate, silt and sand. It is central to the personality of this wine, which is made from Barbera (35%), Sangiovese (35%), Marzemino (20%) and Schiava Gentile (10%) grapes.

A small proportion of the vineyard, which clings to the hill of the same name is made up of 20-year-old vines trained on the spurred cordon system, but it mainly comprises ancient vines more than a century old, trained on the traditional Brescia “pergola” system and adapted to modern needs by short pruning.

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The ideal microclimate formed inside the amphitheatre and the constant breeze, which prevents the build-up of moisture, enables us to implement an organic pest control method and to harvest when the grapes are perfectly ripe, with a significant reduction in sulphite use.
Thanks to all this, combined with harvesting generally in mid October, we are able to make a quality wine that is healthy and genuine, because we do not use systemic chemical treatments or chemical weedkillers in the vineyard, and typical, because all the grapes used are of Italian varieties and grow on the Botticino marble hills. It is also a historic wine, because “Botticino” DOC was one of the first DOC wines to be recognised in Italy (Official Gazette 03/06/1968) and we always bear tradition firmly in mind when growing our grapes and making our wines.
After hand picking and gentle destemming, the grapes are left to ferment in vats for about 14 days, during which gentle pigéage and rémontage are carried out.
The wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation in medium-sized wooden casks, where it continues to evolve and age for about 18 months. Ageing is then continued in the bottle for about 6 months.
Gobbio is also a wine suitable for laying down; it evolves and improves further with ageing and is suitable for drinking within a period of 15 or more years.

Tasting note


Aging Potential: +10 years

Aging: Medium-sized oak casks for about 18 months + 6 months in the bottle.

Alcohol: 13,50%

Appellation: Botticino DOC

Bottle size: 0.75

Grape: 35% Barbera, 35% Sangiovese, 20% Marzemino, 10% Schiava Gentile

Harvest: 2017

Production: 5,000 bottles

Region: Lombardy

Type of wine: Red


Noventa is the home of BOTTICINO DOC, a blend of native Italian grape varieties. They mainly use Barbera and Sangiovese, with a little Marzemino and a little Schiava Gentile. The Botticino land is an amphitheatre of hills arranged in the form of a horseshoe, open towards the south.

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The Noventa family

In Botticino, the Noventa family cultivates 11 hectares of vineyards high in the hills, and Pierangelo was joined in the business some years ago by his daughters Alessandra and Rossella and by Cristian, Alessandra’s husband.

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