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Tenute del Garda

Tenute del Garda is a group of wine producers located in Valtenesi, on the beautiful western shore of Lake Garda. Their purpose is to produce wine from local grapes, cultivated with care and attention.


50,000 bottles


Garda Classico Riserva DOP, Riesling DOP, Brut, Chiaretto Garda Classico DOP, Groppello Garda Classico DOP

Tenute del Garda wines

Garda Lake grape - Groppello

The particular ambient characteristics of the valley make it a unique area for wine production. The exquisite famous Groppello grape is grown here, a unique product of this famous territory, made from a refined native red berry grape variety, from which the DOC Garda Classico wine is created.

Tenute del Garda

The Vineyard

The location of the valley, strategically nestled between the mountains and Lake Garda, gives an especially mild and temperate climate, which nurtures an abundant wealth of grapes for wine-making as well as thousands of olive trees that produce an excellent olive oil.

Tenute del Garda
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