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Podere Sabbioni

Founded by Massimo and Maria Grazia, Podere Sabbioni is a gem in the hearth of Marche, inside the Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve. 3 hectares of Maceratino Ribona, native and really rare grape and 1 hectares for their reds (Montepulciano and Sangiovese). The entire production is organic, no chemicals and they also joined the V.I.V.A. program (environmental sustainability indicators).

awards Podere Sabbioni

9,000 bottles


Ribona Colli Maceratesi DOC, Piceno DOC

Podere Sabbioni wines

The Maceratino Ribona

Also known as Verdicchio Marino, it's probably part of the ancient Greek group of grapes (the “Greeks”), imported in Italy by the first settlers in Magna Graecia. Today less there are only 100 hectares left, so a really rare grape.

It is a crisp full-flavoured wine - pineapple, mango and white peach - with a good balance of acidity and minerality.

Podere Sabbioni
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