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Fiorentino only cultivate Aglianico grapes. For them it's a matter of respect, for their land and family tradition, that has passed from grandparents to parents and continues today with the younger generations. The vitality of the volcanic land is where the Aglianico’s true character manifests, and the authentic “Taurasi” is born.


10,000 bottles


Taurasi DOCG, Aglianico DOC, Irpinia DOC, Irpinia Rosato DOC

Fiorentino wines

The History

In 1914, grandfather Luigi left for the United States from the port of Naples on the ship, “Palermo.” He arrived in New York City, moved on to Boston and finally settled in Chelsea. A century later Fiorentino have realised our family’s dream of a winery on the land he purchased with the fruits of his labor, and with much affection and gratitude they have dedicated their first wine to him, the Celsì.


The wine process

The processing starts with the pressing of the grapes followed by the fermentation of the must in stainless steel tanks, kept at a controlled temperature through modern technologies. While in steel storage tanks in the barrel room, they continue with the refining and aging of different vintages and quality. Before reaching stabilisation in the apposite tanks and being bottled, the wine is subjected to constant monitoring and analysis in order to ensure the best and most secure quality product.

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