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Conte Vistarino

The Conte Vistarino objective is simple: to create elegant, authentic wines that express their terroir. Carlo Giorgi di Vistarino introduced the Pinot Nero grape to the Oltrepo Pavese between 19th/20th century, going on to win awards in both London and Paris for the sparkling wines thus produced. His work was taken further by Ottaviano and Carlo, and is today in the hands of Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino.


100,000 bottles


Buttafuoco Oltrepo pavese DOC, Pinot Nero Oltrepo Pavese DOC, Pinot Nero IGT, Pinot Nero Brut, Pinot Grigio DOC, Riesling

Conte Vistarino wines

The Estate

Covering 826 hectares, mostly in the district of Rocca de’ Giorgi, the Giorgi di Vistarino estate has remained faithful to the farming traditions and to the style of the great estates of the nineteenth century. While the 180 hectares of vines constitute the heart of Vistarino family’s work, they also have 200 hectares of woodland, 120 hectares of arable land, and 100 hectares designated to become forestland.

Conte Vistarino

Pinot Nero

Introduced to the Oltrepò Pavese at the end of the 19th century, the pinot nero grape has become synonymous with this area. Not only because of the 2,000 hectares here reserved for the burgundian variety, the largest in Italy, but also because the outcomes are consistently outstanding. More, within this area of excellence, Rocca de’Giorgi’s pinot nero wines, along with those of the Valle Scuropasso are considered among the best.

Conte Vistarino
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