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Al Scagarün Provincia di Mantova Lambrusco IGP

Sparkling wine from Lombardy

Alcohol: 11,00%
Grape: Ruberti, Maestri, Marani (Lambrusco)
Production: 90,000 bottles


5 Star Wines 91
Luca Maroni 91

In the name of this Lambrusco resonates ironic the voice of popular wisdom. At Scagarün is in fact a wine with almost black red, loaded and impenetrable, which if poured accidentally on the tablecloth leaves it stained without remedy.

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Outspoken and spontaneous, he arrives on the table with the same taste elaborated twenty years ago in the Lebovitz Cellars, to give the pleasure of drinking in the name of the Mantuan tradition. In fact, it finds its excellent combination in the cuisine of the territory, especially in meat dishes that dries and degreases thanks to its fruity acidity and the foam that cleans pleasantly the palate.

Lambrusco Al Scagarün is an eclectic wine that goes well even with very different dishes. But it is at its best with the local culinary traditions: the distinct flavours of Mantuan foodhelp its freshness and brio emerges spontaneously. So what is the perfect Mantuan meal for our Lambrusco? Meat lovers can opt for guinea fowl tortelli or risotto “alla pilota” as a first course, followed by stewed donkey with soft polenta. For those who prefer river fish, the choice might be a rich dish of bigoli (a type of pasta) with pike sauce or a catfish risotto. Ah, and don’t forget: a drop of Lambrusco Mantovano can add extra yumminess to the zabaglione that goes so well with our crumbly sbrisolona cake.

Tasting note


Aging Potential: 1 year

Aging: Stainless steel

Alcohol: 11,00%

Appellation: Lambrusco Provincia di Mantova IGP

Bottle size: 0.75

Grape: Ruberti, Maestri, Marani (Lambrusco)

Harvest: 2019

Pairing: Tortelli, risotto, polenta

Production: 90,000 bottles

Region: Lombardy

Serve: 8 °C

Type of wine: Sparkling


Lebovitz started in 1951 and from generation to generation, its dedication has evolved into a company that not only sells, but above all produces wines.

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Lebovitz Lambrusco is made from a blend of different grapes, it is essential to get the percentages just right so that they combine to produce a perfect balance of flavours and bouquet.

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