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Valtellina Rosso DOC

Valtellina together with Valchiavenna represents the territory of the province of Sondrio, with the perfect climatic conditions suitable for viticulture and in particular to the Nebbiolo grape variety. In fact, the valley, longitudinal to the mountain range, is for the part of vines oriented east-west and the coastal foothills, on the orographic right of the river Adda, enjoys a completely south exposure; moreover it is protected, to the north and east, by the mountain range of the Alpi Retiche, with high altitude peaks (all over 3,000 meters, with peaks of more than 4,000) and to the south the Orobie Alps range, with peaks just further low, encloses it in a kind of amphitheater. The relative proximity of the Lake Como basin, to the south-west, serves as a regulator and thermal mitigator.



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Valtellina Rosso DOC wines
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