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Dogliani DOCG

Dogliani DOCG  wines are produced from grapes of the Dolcetto grape variety in purity. The Dogliani Superiore must be subjected to a minimum of 12 months prior to placing on the market and must also have a minimum alcohol content of 13°, compared to 12° in the basic version.

The production area of Dogliani DOCG is located in the south of Piedmont, in the southern part of the Langhe, which, in this case, means the highest and coolest area since you approach the mountains of Ligurian Apennines and Alpes-Maritimes.

Dolcetti di Dogliani are wines with an intense ruby color that over time develops a slight tendency to garnet, scented with red fruits and round on the palate, with a fine texture of tannins elegantly Balanced by natural softness. Traditional wine for every day, Dolcetto reaches in the denomination Dogliani DOCG the maximum expression of its potential. However, it remains a wine to drink young or otherwise not specifically prepared for long ageing.



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Dogliani DOCG wines
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