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Franzoni Botticino

The Winery Emilio Franzoni has its origin in 1910 and the passion and family traditions have passed on since four generations.
The Botticino DOC is produced in a small hilly area in the east of the city Brescia, a few kilometres from the Garda Lake, also famous for the production of fine marble.


90,000 bottles


Brescia IGT, Botticino DOC

Franzoni Botticino wines

Marble hills of Botticino

The rolling hills form an amphitheatre containing this beautiful valley, thus creating a microclimate particularly suitable for wine production.

Currently Franzoni has an area of more than 16 acres property, located in particularly exposed and sunny positions. The vineyards are now being implemented through a gradual restructuring passing from the traditional “pergola bresciana” cultivation to “guyot”.

Franzoni Botticino

System for integrated and sustainable agriculture

Franzoni carries out exclusively protective treatments for the plants and the grapes which do not alter biologically the flora, the fauna, the local area and the final grapes product that will be used to produce their wines.

Franzoni Botticino
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